Intergalactic soul is an art exhibition that brings science fiction and social awareness together as one. The artwork explores a cosmic sci-fi theme that’s driven by social, political and cultural undertones. Imagination meets consciousness to create an art show with a message for all to talk about and enjoy.

Cosmic Connections - Miami Art Basel - 2014
Intergalactic Soul - Harvey B. Gnatt Center - 2015
Intergalactic Soul - Frame of Mind - 2015
Intergalactic Soul - Portland Community College - 2016
The World is a Mirror to My Freedom - McColl Center for Arts & Innovation - 2017
Intergalactic Soul - Locust Projects - 2017
Intergalactic Soul - Time Camp - 2018
Intergalactic Soul - Ackland Museum - 2019

Intergalactic Soul : Project Lhaxx

Art Talk & Performance

University of North Carolina

Ackland Museum

Sept. 13th, 2019 - 6:00pm - Chapel Hill, NC

For all questions / inquiries, relay a space beacon.
Press kit available upon request